⟾ 08-Jul-2013: Special Offer: Reduced price of DVDwrite + Blu-Ray-drive included)
⟾ 18-Jun-2013: Blu-Ray M-Disk ("1000 years durability")
⟾ 14-Feb-2013: At least the 4,7GB M-DISK works without problems
⟾ 23-Jan-2013: Support of M-DISC media: excellent durability ("1000 years").
⟾ 10-Sep-2012: Burn CD/DVD and Blu-Ray-disks on older versions of OpenVMS (VAX/Alpha V6.2 or later).
⟾ 27-Jun-2012: DVDwrite version 6.7 released.
⟾ 27-Jan-2012: rx2800 i2 reads and writes Blu-Ray-disks.
⟾ 22-Jul-2011: BD-XL support (100 GB/120 GB BD-R media) with the new release V6.6-3.
⟾ 15-Oct-2010: DVDwrite has been tested with the official released OpenVMS Version 8.4.
⟾ 15-Feb-2010: OpenVMS FT 8.4: DVDwrite works without problems.
⟾ 20-Jul-2009: Support of Slim Line Blu-Ray recorder ( MATSHITA BD-RE UJ-225S).
⟾ 06-Apr-2009: Version 6.6-2 features.
⟾ 29-Jan-2009: Get a DVDwrite free of charge.
⟾ 22-Dec-2008: Version 6.6-1 corrects small bugs and supports more Blu-Ray drives.
⟾ 01-Jul-2007: Version 6.6 works with external or internal USB drives.
⟾ 02-Apr-2007: Version 6.5-1 now supports Dual Layer Blu-Ray media.
⟾ 22-Jul-2006: Version 6.0 adds support of Blu-Ray burning (BD-R and BD-RE).
⟾ 02-Dec-2005: Version 5.0 released (runs as Freeware/Commercial)..
⟾ 22-Nov-2005: Here's a quote of a customer.
⟾ 08-Nov-2004: Version 4.5 adds support of DVD-R DL.
⟾ 23-Nov-2004: Version 4.2 now runs on OpenVMS/I64 and Charon-VAX, too.
⟾ 21-Jul-2004: Version 4.0 released. 8 GB DVD+R dual layer support.
⟾ 17-Mar-2004: The program is ready for the coming dual-layer drives with 8 GB media..
⟾ 08-OCT-2003: Warning: The freeware LDDRIVER crashes the machine with files larger than 4 GB!!!
⟾ 01-OCT-2003: DQDRIVER X35-A2 now is downloadable from HP's patch server.
⟾ 13-AUG-2003: DQDRIVER (X-35A1) / OpenVMS V7.3-1 / ACER-onboard Chip problems.
⟾ 04-AUG-2003: DVDWRITE Version 3.0 released (DVD-RAM support).
⟾ 15-APR-2003: DVDWRITE Version 2.0 released.
⟾ 08-NOV-2002: DVDWRITE Version 1.5 released (DVR+R(W) support and improvements).
⟾10-Sep-2002: Sony announces a new drive.
⟾DVDwrite works with the actual DVD-R(W) model Pioneer DVR-A04/104.