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Dear DVDwrite prospective customer!


The program reads a foreign mounted device (e.g. a harddisk or a virtual disk) or a file and writes all data without modifications (1:1) onto a CD-R(W) / DVD-R(W) / DVD+R(W) / DVD-RAM / BD-R(E) SL/DL/TL/QL (SL = single layer; DL = double layer; TL = triple layer; QL = quadruple layer).

The maximum capacity of a DVD is about 8,5 GB, a BD-R(E) has 25 GB, a BD-RE DL 50 GB and a BD-RE TL more than 100 GB capacity.

The file system is been kept by this procedure. Thus ODS2/ODS5 or also different file systems can be stored on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc.
For the generation of the file system other programs must be used (mkisofs, lddriver, vddriver or other operating systems).

A primary goal is it here not to produce any DVD films under OpenVMS but the lossless archiving of large data sets.

Conditions for hardware:
1.) An Alpha Workstation/Server or Integrity Server with an IDE, SCSI or USB interface
2.) A internal or external (USB 2.0) DVD/Blu-Ray-burner
3.) A harddisk as scratch device

Alternatively in case of a pure SCSI-solution:
1.) An Alpha Workstation/Server with an SCSI-Interface (133 MHz or higher) or an Integrity server.
2.) A DVD/Blu-Ray-burner
3.) A local UW/U-SCSI harddisk as scratch device
4.) A SCSI-IDE-Bridge; ACARD AEC-7720U; FW 3.61 or ACARD AEC-7722; FW 1.77B

Conditions for software:
1.) OpenVMS Alpha V7.3 or higher / OpenVMS I64 V8.3 or higher
2.) All current patches, which concerns CRTL, USB, IDE and SCSI

Scope of supply:
1.) DVDWRITE binaries for Alpha and I64. VMS- and Un*x-style command-line interface.
2.) A Command procedure for the control of DVDWRITE.EXE.
3.) Short instructions and installation hints.

Additional distributed software not supported by the author:
1.) IDE-Driver in source and binary (Freeware CD V5.0).
2.) A virtual disk driver package (Freeware CD V7.0).
3.) Diskreader for SCSI-DVD-drives that work with 2048 bytes per I/O.
     Since OpenVMS V8.3 this program is obsolete because OpenVMS does this mapping automatically.

Additional features:
The program can erase Rewritables (CD-RW/DVD-RW) and format DVD+RW, DVD-RAM or BD-RE(DL/TL/QL) media.

Special DVDwrite version is available, that runs on OpenVMS 6.2 or later (VAX/Alpha)

DVD-Rewritables are written with single speed (corresponds to eightfold of CD recording speed). The recording procedure of DVD-R'S is twice as high (16 * CD recording speed). Newer drives support higher recording speed. The DVDwrite program tries to set the speed as high as justifiable. CD-R(W)s are written in "Disk at once" mode.

During the recording procedure a burnproof option is activated, so that a safe production of CD/DVD/Blu-Rays is guaranteed.

The program decides automatically which command set can be used for the drive actually used. The selection depends on the media inserted and interface type.

Still further questions???

DVDwrite for OpenVMS with full functionality costs 400 Euro inclusive. VAT. + forwarding expenses.

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