DVDwrite for OpenVMS

DVDwrite is a program to burn CD/DVD or Blu-Ray (called BD) disks under OpenVMS/VAX, OpenVMS/AXP and OpenVMS/I64.

A BD-R has a capacity up to 128 GB. So a Blu-Ray disk is a ideal medium to store/archive a considerable amount of data. The burned medium can be mounted as a normal disk. You may then restore the complete disk or select a file via backup or copy. There is no need to install a driver in order to read (and write) a Blu-Ray disk. Everything comes with your OpenVMS-system itself. That means that the stability of your system is not reduced by using a Blu-Ray-disk (See: How DVDwrite works).

Click here to see, which actual hardware configuration has been tested. The program uses standard burning commands, so that the program can be used with BD/DVD-burners, that are not mentioned here. A debugging option enables the author of the program to locate and correct problems with unknown drives remotely.

 In case of using a SCSI-IDE-bridge the program also works on OpenVMS-machines with SCSI-interfaces.

Click here to get a detailed program description.

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