Do you want to save and archive your OpenVMS®-files with all attributes on a durable medium?

Here is the solution:
Switch to Blu-Ray/DVD burning and get DVDwrite for OpenVMS!
DVDwrite works on VAX-, Alpha- and I64-Systems.
DVDwrite stores OpenVMS
®- or ISO9660-filessystems with the maximum size of about 95 GB / 8 GB / 700 MB  on a Blu-Ray Disc/DVD/CD.
The DVDwrite version 6.6-3, released July,1 2011, supports all BD/DVD/CD recording technics
-R(W), DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, DVD+R(W), DVD-RAM and CD-R(W)) in one program.
We are very proud to be able to look back on years of successful, long-time business relationships with our customers
among which are e.g. Deutsche Boerse AG, NASA, IKEA as well as the other highly satisfied customers.

The standard price for a single machine license: 400 Euro.
If you only want to burn DVD/CD the price is 30 Euro.

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